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Skylove Limited Films


Directors:  Alex Lvovsky, Joe Walser

Screenwriter:  Alex Lvovsky

Genre:  Comedy


STARRING: Corey Feldman, Mark Metcalf, Frank Stallone, Daniel Baldwin, The Iron Sheik, Larry Thomas, Noel Britton and Alex Lvovsky

A rock & roll musician is recruited to a cultural outreach program run by a secret branch of the  US Army Psychological Operations unit, designed to enlighten the indigenous population to the joys and possibilities of freedom.  The operation also includes a culturally insensitive comedian and a really bad sequel to Les Miserables. With a group of low budget terrorists commanded by the Iron Sheik on the loose, what could possibly go wrong with this plan?


Directors:  Jensen LaFlore

Screenwriter:  Julius LaFlore

Genre:  Crime Drama


STARRING:  Corey Haim, Anthony Vitale, Matt Medrano, Yennifer Behrens

Corey Haim in his final screen perfromance, leads an talented cast in this urban crime story of betrayal, temptation, sacrifice and redemtion in which a group of neighborhood kids are given a glimpse of their own future and come to understand the magnitude their Decisions have on their lives.  


Directors:  Brian Thompson

Screenwriter:  Brian Thompson

Genre:  Comedy


STARRING: Brian Thompson, Marc Decascos, Gary Graham, Ian Patrick Williams, Marisa Ramirez, Lee Garlington

A washed up action star, with an incredible amount of personal problems, addictions, and mental health issues,  tackles the decline of his career by boldly proclaiming himself director of an action adventure epic called Hard Time on Mars.  It is rumored that this gem is based on the real life events of Stallone-Schwarzenegger-Van Damme fame, delivering 85 minutes of too-strange-to-be-fiction comedy.

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